An ice lolly treat!

No trip to the seaside is complete without an ice lolly!


3 thoughts on “An ice lolly treat!”

  1. Looks like you’ve had another glorious day!! We recieved your postcard today loved reading it .. 5star hotel eh cant be bad .. your meals look nice that you’ve been having hope you are liking them? .. what a lovely suprise seeing dolphins today i would have loved to have seen them with you .. one more sleep 😁 .. love you cole mum dad and elio xxxx


  2. Hello Erin,
    Got your postcard today sweetheart.
    Will be lovely to have you back tomorrow. This blog has been a real eye-opener to the beauty of the areas you have visited. Hope it has been interesting & fun for all of you.
    Lots of love
    Mum, Dad, Isla & the cats


  3. What a lovely postcard we received today Zoë. Please don’t try to smuggle a seal home in your suitcase. 😁. I bet you have loved every minute of this trip. All the history and the fossil hunting will be bringing out the little archaeologist in you. Enjoy your last day and we will see you tomorrow. Looking forward to hearing about your week xxxxxxxxx


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