The last dinner!

Well, after a week of delicious meals, we are finishing off with ice cream and fruit! Yum!


3 thoughts on “The last dinner!”

  1. Heya little man, I recieved your postcard today was so nice hearing from you. I’m so glad your enjoying yourself and I hope you’ve taken lots of pictures for us to see. Glad you enjoyed your boat trip, shame you felt sick but glad to hear your feeling better. It looks like you’ve had another great day today.. I mean seeing dolphins wow! I’m so jelouse and now Ice cream… Can’t get much better than that can you, anyways enjoy the rest of your night and I will see you tommorow. Can’t wait to see you im missing you like crazy. Love you loads baby boy night sweetdreams. Love from Mum and reagon 💙💙 xxxx


  2. Mads what an amazing adventure you’ve been on cannot wait to hear all about it! See you tomorrow your stew is in slow cooker as you requested for when you get home xxxx

    P.s Nanny says thanks for postcard xxxx


  3. It was so lovely to get your postcard today Erin sweetheart, it made me your dad and Isla smile… thankyouuu… we all can’t wait to have you back home with us… We can’t wait to hear EVERYTHING… the dolphins… the beautiful buildings and scenery!! We love you so so soooooo much, and we’re so very proud of you… Love you more than you know beautiful… big massive hugs and squeezes xxxx


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